Glen Lake Chamber of Commerce

What do you do up north all winter?

We thought it’d be fun to answer this common questions as a community and post the results here, and in social media, to create some real conversation with locals and visitors alike.IMG_1908

Hike around our beautiful lakes and take in gorgeous icy views.

Read a book with a glass of local wine.

Ski – cross country the heritage trail or out our backyard; Downhill ski at the Homestead

Snowshoe – the national park is right our our back door

Wine tours

Commit to a fitness program or train for an event…How’s that going for you?


Go to Glen Lake Winterfest and eat chili until you can’t eat any more.

Shovel, salt the walk, carry firewood, repeat.

Take advantage of the off-season dining deals 🙂

Knitting groups

Pickleball in the Glen Arbor Town Hall. Yeah, believe it or not, we get pretty competitive.

Meet friends for drinks

Join a committee

Ice fishing

Keep one foot in Glen Arbor

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