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Program for accessible and affordable childcare in Leelanau County

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The lack of quality childcare was listed as a top three concern of Leelanau County business owners in a countywide survey conducted by the LPEF, behind affordable housing and sufficient quality workforce. Local groups are seeking a solution that empowers individuals, organizations and businesses to work together collaboratively. An immediate solution is not only necessary for families in our county but for maintaining economic vitality and growth of the area.

Leelanau Early Childhood Development Commission has recently launched an initiative designed to increase capacity for Infant and Toddler care in Leelanau County. The plan calls for increasing capacity through an organized solution that recruits, trains and supports home-based providers. Partnering with existing providers to ensure quality programming and monitor availability also plays a part in the solution.

The group plans on patterning with local economic nonprofit corporations and local businesses to help provide seed money for new provider start ups. The group will continue to solicit additional private funding to ensure care is accessible to families who cannot afford services. Leelanau Early Childhood Development Corporation (LECDC) will serve as fiduciary distributing fund to providers for at need families that will ensure steady stream of revenue to providers. Utilizing existing business corporations, such as the Leelanau Peninsula Economic Foundation (LPEF) and the local Chambers of Commerce’s to help create a program designed for businesses to fund in part or full, care for their workers as well as the communities children and help provide needed funds for home providers to remain financially profitable.

View & Submit the survey to contribute to LECDC

Surveys may be submitted to: Mary Tonneberger at [email protected] or mail to: PO Box 115, Omena, MI 49674

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