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Post Storm Workshop Highlights

August 29, 2015

Sponsored by the Glen Lake Association | Highlights Compiled By Rob Karner, Watershed Biologist

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1. Take your time.  Don’t be in a rush to implement a plan without careful consideration of a successful plan.  This is not a race to see who restores their property first.

2. Do not burn accumulated brush – rather, chip it and use it as mulch as a way to prevent forest fires

3. If trees were destroyed on or near a septic tank or drain field, have your septic hauler do an  inspection.  If the septic system has been damaged, have it repaired as soon as possible

4. Whenever possible, leave stumps/root balls.  They are your “starter kit” for natural restoration.  If removal is required or desired, grind the stump as a second choice and as a last resort, dig out the stump and haul it away.

5. You must obtain a permit from the MDEQ when removing tree stumps within 100 feet of the shoreline.  Give strong consideration to leaving stumps at the water’s edge and plant around them.

6. Treat trees with bark or limb damage with a coating to prevent insect disease. (Foresters differ with this – just another layer for the tree to heal over and it doesn’t allow the cells to compartmentalize and dry out which is desired.)

7. Successful restoration includes planting a variety of tree species that will do well in Northern Michigan.

8. Ideally, plant trees in the spring or fall and plan on providing each tree with plenty of water during the acclimation phase of the planting process.

9. Work together with neighbors to help with clean up costs and the sale of timber for lumber to ensure the best leverage for bartering power.

10. Take every effort to prevent erosion – especially on land with a slope.  Mulch bare soils in the early going with chipped brush or bark mulch.

11. Consider landscaping with a Northern Michigan “look” vs. the suburban “look”.

12. Take advantage of native plant/tree sales in the spring and fall at the Leelanau County Conservation District.  Stay tuned to the Glen Lake Association website where we will post the dates and locations of these native plant sales.

13. Take care not to over fertilize plantings in the first and second years of growth and to wean plants off any fertilizers in the third and subsequent years.  Only use zero phosphate fertilizers within 100 feet of the shoreline.

14. Re-growth of plants/trees will take time before you see measurable results and to understand that your property will likely be much different that it was prior to the storm.

15.  To avoid “blue stain fungus” from damaging your lumber logs, only cut trees from their stumps when you’re ready to process/sell the logs.  This avoids having sellable logs be down graded for quality and thus, reduce their value.

16. The Farm Services Agency administers the Emergency Forest Restoration Program (EFRP).  It looks like the county level FSA administers it for all natural disasters other than drought and insects.  More info about the program is at

17. Landowners should also be able to apply for financial assistance through the normal EQIP programs at their county NRCS office.

18. Seek advice and help from professionals – either a forester, arborist, landscape architect, landscape installer, permit specialist from the MDEQ, or watershed biologist  (See contact info below).

Kama Ross, Leelanau Conservation District |  Forester | (Free)
Email:  [email protected] | Phone:  231.256.9783 ext. 264

Rob Karner, M.S., Glen Lake Association | Watershed Biologist | (Free)
Email:  [email protected] | Phone:  231.883.2776

Mark Polinko | Landscape Architect
Email: [email protected] | Phone: 231.492.3777

Foresters in the Leelanau, Grand Traverse, and Benzie | Steve Alguire
3800 S. Lee Point Road, Suttons Bay, MI  49682
Phone: 231-271-6620 | email: [email protected]

Lynn Bakker
2677 Setterbo Road, Suttons Bay, MI  49682

Richard Cooper | Cooper-Gerhart Consulting Forestry LLC
5412 Indian Hill Road, Honor, MI  49640
231-325-2175 | [email protected]

Paul Drysdale Forestry & Consulting*
408 Leeson Avenue, Cadillac, MI  49601
231-779-2989 | Cell:  586-531-2866 | [email protected]

Scott R. Erickson | MichiTree, Inc.
2650 W. Fisher Road, Ludington, MI  49431
231-845-0142 | Cell:  231-723-9946 | [email protected]

Paul Gerhart | Cooper-Gerhart Consulting Forestry LLC
Gerhart’s Tree Service LLC
PO Box 597, Beulah, MI  49617
989-600-7452 | [email protected]

Ben James/Andrew Klein
Packaging Corporation of America
766 Filer Street, Filer City, MI  49634
231-723-8164 | 231-499-1346 (Ben) | 231-499-9444 (Andrew)
[email protected] | [email protected]

Steve Kalisz | Old School Forestry, LLC
Bryce Metcalfe | Metcalfe Forestry, LLC
402 Chestnut Street, Grayling, MI  49738
989-348-3596 | Cell:  989-619-7086 | [email protected]

Shawna Meyer, Principal | Natural Resource Insight, LLC
934 Thomas St SE, No. 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
517-388-6954 | [email protected]

Daniel Schillinger*
5138 Hidden Glen Drive, Traverse City, MI  49684
231-633-8733 | [email protected]

Jessica Turino-Kernonhan | Weyerhaeuser NR Company
4111 West 4 Mile road, Grayling, MI  49738
231-824-9480 | 231-631-9233 | [email protected]

Jon Witkowski | Biewer Forest Management, LLC
6251 West Gerwoude Drive, McBain, MI  49657
231-942-1026 | [email protected]

AAA Tree Service LLC | Tree trimming, removal, chipping
Dave Rogers and Christel Klockes

Tree Care Professionals
Serving Leelanau, Grand Traverse and Benzie Counties

Bo Burke | 231-835-1111
[email protected]

Canfield Climbing Clippers
Issac Canfield
231-631-6424 |

Carlson Tree Service
Nick Carlson
231-421-1885 | [email protected]

Deering Tree Service | Tom Deering
8445 S. Maple Avenue, Maple City, MI  49664
231-228-6492 |

Ironway Outdoors | Andrew Milliron
2405 W. Burdickville, Maple City, MI  49664
231-944-4887 | [email protected]

Forest Ecosystem Services | Paul Gerhart
PO Box 597, Beulah, MI  49617
989-600-7452 | [email protected]

Leonardo’s Tree Service, Inc.
870 Polaris Cresent Drive, Traverse City, MI 49685  | 231- 946-1912

Daniel Schillinger
231-947-8921 | [email protected]
Traverse City

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