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Photo Contest

We’re looking ahead to the next design to create and are asking for your photo submissions! The selected photo will be featured in the next art poster in our series titled “Escape to Glen Lake.” If selected, your name will be included in print on the poster and once printed, you will receive a free poster! They are printed on glossy poster paper printed 18×24 designed to be framed, and sold at select locations in the area.


Images desired:

1. The ultimate Fall Color/Recreation image! Envisioning one touring colors along M-22 or another Iconic scenic drive/hike/overlook.
2. The Heritage Trail/Biking in our area. Faces not the focus, but subjects a part of the image, not the focus, more the activity and place.
3. Snowshoeing or Cross Country skiing. Must include something in the image that identify’s it as our area.

To submit:

1. Your images must be a high resolution jpg, and be in shot Vertical (or Portrait) orientation.
2. Email your images to Raquel Jackson: [email protected] with a note about the name to give photo credit, along with your shipping address and phone number.
If selected, your name will be included in print on the poster.

What the Poster Looks Like

The image will have a vintage paint brush affect added, along with the design/text on top of it, like this summertime poster in our series. These are currently for sale in Glen Arbor at Northwoods Home & Gift, The Cottage Book Shop and the Sylvan Inn.


Poster Series_Escape to Glen Lake_Summer Fun-01


Keep one foot in Glen Arbor

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