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Ice Conditions on the Glen Lakes

ice fishing on glen lake

What’s Ice Fishing like on Big and Little Glen Lake right now? 

While there’s no technology in place to track it in real time, and weather can affect it in a day, local sportsman offers to give you a local report of the current conditions on the Glen Lakes! Contact Bob of The Sportsman Shop/Mariah Charters: ‭(231) 883-5638‬ or [email protected]

Ice Safety & Tips

  • Your safety is your responsibility! There is not a reliable “inch-thickness” to determine if ice is safe.
  • You can test ice thickness and quality using a spud, needle bar or auger.
  • Strongest ice: clear with bluish tint.
  • Weather can cause conditions to change in a day. Learn more from the Michigan DNR and make sure to follow these tips, for your safety…

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