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Awareness and Safety on the Heritage Trail 

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Info here copied from content published by Friends of Sleeping Bear

The Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail provides a great trail for walkers and bikers every summer. Friends of Sleeping Bear would like to remind riders and walkers of some general etiquette when using the trails. 

  • Make sure to ride at a safe speed, especially when on an E-bike, out of respect for other walkers and riders. 
  • Stay to the right on the bike trail and let other riders or walkers know when passing on the left. 
  • Ride in a single file and do not block the trail.
  •  Make sure to wear a helmet for your own safety. 
  • Also remember to respect the plants and wildlife around the trail by disposing of trash and animal waste in trash cans. 

Keep in mind what is public and private property around. Be on the lookout for FOSBD ambassadors who may have a special surprise for those riders who are practicing proper safety while riding.

Buckle those helmets, ride at a reasonable speed and respect the trail.

We hope you get to get out and enjoy the beautiful Heritage Trail this season!

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