While our little town of Glen Arbor may be off the beaten path, you will find beautiful businesses nestled here in the woods off M22.  Our area has a history rich in the arts, as apparent in the fine selection of art galleries and artwork displayed in shops around town.  From gourmet food to handmade soaps, a full service bike shop to men's and women's apparel shops, Glen Arbor has something for everyone!

Glen Arbor Bakery
Phone: (231) 334-3555
Address: 6590 Western Ave.
City: Glen Arbor
Riverfront Fiber
Phone: 231-334-6088
Address: 6281 Western Avenue Glen Arbor, MI 49636
Northwoods Home & Gift
Phone: (231) 835-2555
Address: 6445 Western Ave, Glen Arbor
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City: Glen Arbor
Address: 6324 W Western Ave (M22)
City: Glen Arbor
Glen Arbor Artisans
Phone: (231) 334-3128
Address: 5956 South Ray Street (M-22)
City: Glen Arbor
Phone: (231) 645-7225
Address: 6640 Western Avenue
City: Glen Arbor
The Yarn Shop
Phone: 231-334-3805
Address: 5873 S Lake St.
City: Glen Arbor
Cottonseed Apparel
Phone: (231) 334-7377
Address: 6501 Western Ave
City: Glen Arbor
Petoskey Pete’s
Phone: 231-525-3505
Address: 5972 S Lake St
City: Glen Arbor
Synchronicity Gallery
Phone: 231-334-4732
Address: 6671 Western Ave. /P.O. Box 338
City: Glen Arbor
Phone: (231) 334-3232
Address: 6127 S Glen Lake Rd /PO Box 68, Glen Arbor, MI 49636
City: Glen Arbor
Sportsman Shop, The / Mariah Charters
Phone: 231-334-3872
Address: 5914 S Ray St., PO Box 328
City: Glen Arbor
Ruth Conklin Gallery
Phone: 231-334-3880
Address: 6632 Western Ave (M-109), PO Box 343
City: Glen Arbor
Northwoods Hardware Home & Garden
Phone: (231) 334-3000
Address: 6053 S Glen Lake Rd., PO Box 260
City: Glen Arbor
Leelanau Coffee Roasting
Phone: 800-424-JAVA
Address: 6443 Western Ave., PO Box 143
City: Glen Arbor
M22 Glen Arbor
Phone: 231.334.4425
Address: 6298 W Western Ave. (M22)
City: Glen Arbor
Great Lakes Tea & Spice
Phone: (231) 645-8327
Address: 6610 Western Ave., PO Box 661
City: Glen Arbor
Glen Lake Beauty Salon
Phone: 231-334-3761
Address: 5915 S. Manitou Trail (M22)
City: Glen Arbor
Crystal River Outfitters
Phone: 231.334.4420
Address: 6249 W River Rd. (M22) PO Box 220
City: Glen Arbor
Cyclery, The
Phone: 231.334.4420
Address: 6260 W River Rd. (M22)
City: Glen Arbor
Cherry Republic
Phone: 231-334-3150
Address: 6026 Lake St.
City: Glen Arbor
Cottage Book Shop
Phone: (231) 334-4223
Address: 5989 Lake Street
City: Glen Arbor
Ashmun Portrait Art
Phone: (989) 670-3991
Address: Studio: 6865 S Glen Lake View Dr. Maple City 49664 Mailing: PO Box 251, Glen Arbor, MI 49636
City: Glen Arbor
Bay Lavender Trading Company
Phone: (231) 642-0829
Address: 5777 Lake St., Glen Arbor, MI 49636
City: Glen Arbor
Bay Wear, Inc.
Phone: (231) 334-3411
Address: 5919 Ray Street, P.O.Box 66, Glen Arbor
City: Glen Arbor
Becky Thatcher Designs
Phone: (231) 334-3826
Address: 5795 Lake Street, P.O. Box 111
City: Glen Arbor