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Spring-time Beauty

Discover the natural beauty of the Leelanau landscape around the Glen Arbor and Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore, in the refreshing season of Spring…

Trillium, a treasured and protected delicate flower, flourishes in the spring…beautifully covering wooded areas throughout the National Park like a blanket. Early Spring in Leelanau is a time for seekers to find Morel Mushrooms. “Elusive and delicious, morel mushrooms are a wonderful spring time delicacy in Pure Michigan. When you add hiking and the recent opening of trout fishing, you have more than a weekend of outdoor fun awaiting you.” (ref: The Secret to Morel Mushroom Hunting, from Pure Michigan’s Blog).

Plenty of budding flowers on trees, in the fields, throughout the sand dunes, on top of blooming Cherry Blossom’s to tour, all add to making Spring in Northern Michigan a feast for the eyes.